About Us

Qurbani Help was established by a few social entrepreneurs to help International Organisations To implement the prestigious Qurbani, on the occasion Of Eid ul Adha. Qurbani Help realise the huge gap existing between Organisations/Donors and Poor Beneficiaries. Many poor and needy families are still Unable to access quality food. On the other hand, many International Organisations are unable to reach these families.

Why Us?

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We Do

We Do All our procedures under the supervision of Islamic scholars.

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We Provide

We Provide Transparent and Advance Reporting.

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We Reach

We Reach out to the Poor and Needy beneficiaries.

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Our Price

we Provide Reasonable Prices.

Our Achievements


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Abraham said to him:

"My son, I see in my dream that I am slaughtering you. So consider (and tell me) what you think." He said: "Do as you are bidden. You will find me, if Allah so wills, among the steadfast."

To Whom It Will Be Delivered?

India is a highly populated country. Studies show that 27.8% of the population suffered from moderate or severe food insecurity in India. We, from Qurbani Help, search and implement Qurbani Project in the Underprivileged Villages. For past few years Coronavirus has severely devastated India as well as the Indian Economy. Many families have lost their jobs and accessing quality food has been a great challenge. This Little Meat means a lot for Many Families.